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If you need police assistance in Rockdale, IL please pick up your telephone and DIAL 911 FOR EMERGENCIES

The Village of Rockdale - Department of Police

Chief of Police - Robert Dykstra

79 Moen Avenue    Rockdale, IL 60436

Non Emergency Telephone: 815-725-0360

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Click HERE for a copy of the RedSpeed information packet regarding the newly implemented Rockdale Photo Enforcement programRed_Light_Photo_Enforcement_Program_files/website_faqs.pdf

What Is A Red Light Violation?

There are Two Types of Red Light Violations:

  1. Right Turn on Red without coming to a complete stop. You may be cited if you fail to bring your vehicle to a complete stop before turning right when the light is red. Turning right on red, after bringing your vehicle to a complete stop, is only allowed at intersections that do not have signs prohibiting such turns.

  2. Entering an intersection after the traffic signal has turned red. Motorists already in the intersection (waiting to make a turn for example) when the signal changes to red will not be cited.

What Do I Do If I Receive A Notice?

You may choose to either pay the fine, or you may choose to contest the violation either by mail or in person at a pre-determined hearing date and time.  The violation notice outlines all of your options for satisfying the civil penalty.  The fine is $100.00 for each violation when paid by the due date on the violation notice, after the due date a determination of liability may be issued against you and the fine will go up to $200.00.


How Much Time Do I Have To Pay My Red Light Violation Notice?

You must pay the civil penalty on or before the due date on your Violation Notice. The due date is located on the top and bottom right of your Notice of Violation.  Failure to pay 5 violations or more may result in the registered owner’s drivers license being suspended by the Secretary of State.

Click HERE for a copy of the RedSpeed information pamphlet regarding the newly implemented Rockdale Photo Enforcement programRed_Light_Photo_Enforcement_Program_files/website_pamphlet.pdf

Violations may be paid either online by clicking the link below:

or by mail, which can be done by following the instructions included with the violation and outlined in the informational pamphlet below.